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Discord Rules

Discussion in 'Server Rules' started by TheFlagCourier, Apr 3, 2020.

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    Jun 4, 2016
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    These are the official Discord rules. Failure to adhere to them will result in administrative action. All users will be held to these rules and those defined by the Discord Community Guidelines.
    1. No spamming text channels with CAPS, Spam, or Zalgo.
    2. No Not-Safe-for-Work / Not-Safe-for-Life (NSFW / NSFL) content.
    3. No displays of prejudice or discrimination of another person. - Includes, but is not limited to being based on: age, disability, ethnicity, genetics, health, religion, or sexuality. - As of 2/10/2020, Mee6 will automatically delete messages containing certain slurs, and issue a warning to the sender. Bypassing it's filter will result being banned.
      • Includes: Graphic or Sexual Content, as well as nudity.
      • Graphic content may be acceptable in #political-discussion if it is related to current events. Discretion must be advised and the link encased as so an embedded object is not formed:
        < URL_HERE >
    4. Do not harass other members or players.
    5. Do not play exceedingly loud or annoying music, or use soundboards in voice channels.
    6. Do not abuse bots, or use them to bypass the rules. You will be punished and the bot will be removed or restricted.
    7. Bot commands, should be sent only in #botchat. Staff are encouraged to keep administrative commands in staff channels.
    8. Media such as pictures, videos, and audio are to be restricted to #dank-memes #user-media, and #political-discussion.
    9. Keep channel content in the appropriate channels. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, these rules will still apply.
      • Media not related to the server or community does not belong in the #user-media channel.
      • Memes, comics, funnies, etc. should be limited to #dank-memes.
      • Likewise, political discussion and debates should be limited to #political-discussion.
    10. Please make a ticket in #tickets if you need help on the server, forums, or Discord.
      • Valid: Questions, Bug Reports, Forum Appeals
      • Invalid: Server Appeals, Player Reports
    11. No Advertisements of unrelated services or channels, either through our channels, custom statuses, or by DM-ing our users.
    12. Do not ping offline staff when needing assistance. You will be kicked from the server. If you still need assistance after filing a ticket, use the @Support role tag. Do not use this tag outside of tickets.
      • The exception to this rule is for staff needing to reach other staff members.
    Some leniency may be given on a case-by-case basis. Don't go overboard. Rules enforced via automation may be appealed in #tickets, or on the forums.
    Note: Mee6 will no longer perma-mute on three infractions. Now: - A 7-day mute will be issued if 3 infractions are reached within the week. - If you reach six infractions within a 21 day period, you will be perm-muted. - If you reach 8 infractions in a 30 day period, you will be banned from the Discord.

    These automated punishments supplement but do not replace punishments issued by staff.
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