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Towny Newcomers Jobs Guide

Discussion in 'Community Guides' started by Badman Levi, May 25, 2020.

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    Hi all, back again with spamming the forums; this post is going to be about the jobs plugin in abit more detail than what you would normally get in game and lets you know abit about how the jobs work and how to earn the most money using these simple but effective methods. So Jobs plugin comes with 8 different jobs and I will explain in a bit of detail on what each job entails and what the best way to make money with each of these jobs are, during this I will be mentioning everything you can see doing the command /jobs browse in game. This will give you more of a visual idea on what I am basing it off however every job also has a money limit meaning every hour you can only earn $500ish. This will vary depending on your level of job. Ontop of this I will also mention the quests that are available for every job, you can view your quests everyday by doing /jobs quests and you also have the ability to skip 1 quest and get a new one for that job. You do however only have 1 skip a day to use it wisely.

    This one pretty much has the explanation in the name. You would be cutting wood in order to gain experience in your job along with money for each log you cut down. For each log you cut down you get $0.48. Which in itself doesn't seem like alot but if you're like me and has a double check full of every single log because you love lumber then this job will actually fly by when it comes to hitting your money limit. Along with the quests that seem to be in place for woodcutter are also along the lines of "cut 64 of this log" "cut 64 of that log" meaning just general cutting of logs will mean easy way to get your limit along with the bonus $1000-$2000 a day on the quests.

    Miner is the most popular job on the server with over 220 people picking this as a job. The miner skill is personally the 2nd easiest job to hit your money limit and also one of the easiest jobs to finish your daily quests with. Most quests ive seen entail you breaking 128 sandstone/stone and granite or breaking 32 iron ore/16 gold ore which most people can do within 5 minutes of mining. The Miner skill is by far a very simple and easy skill to level up in which means for starters its a very easy money maker, especially with the fact that diamonds are also worth a bit so mining them at the same time is a win win.

    Builder is what I believe to be the best job in this list by a mile. The easiest to get to the money limit a day, very easy to complete the quests as they're normally just "place 64 glass" which I just normally do anyway going about my day and to level up is also very easy to do as its just building your base like normal. What ive normally found is it doesn't matter if you're neutral or a warring nation, Builder is a all round good job to have even as a 2nd backup job as placing pretty much any blocks there is will contribute towards your money limit and will be the fastest out of most jobs there is.

    Digger is what I would see as a middle of the pack job. It is not bad when you are digging up an entire desert and will consistently hit the money limit every hour you do this however in a day to day environment I would normally say that the job itself is not worth it. As well as the fact that the quests for this job are what I believe to be very long winded. The normal quest I get is Dig 400 grass blocks/Dirt/Sand. which when you compare to mine 128 stone/sandstone or place 64 glass it is far more long winded than other easier jobs.

    Farmer is one of the jobs which I believe is a very good starter job. This job along with builder or Miner are 3 of the jobs which are consistent in hitting the money limit everyday. Farmer gets a decent amount of money from farming all sorts of crops from potatoes to carrots to even milking a cow and I would say that this job out of all of them is probably the easiest to get started and what most people would do at the start anyway, which is create a farm for food. The only issue I would say there is with this job is the quests that come with it. The one which I have found for most people especially starting would be a struggle is "Milk 20 cows and breed 30 cows". This is something which would require you to use wheat to breed them, time to wait for them to breed again and milking them also would take alot more time than again the example of "mine 128 stone" or "place 64 glass".

    Hunter is the definition of what I would say an end game job. Hunter if taking it from the start and being a hunter when you first join is one of the worst ideas I would say there is. The job itself requires you killing around 100-150 mobs every hour to hit the money limit. Along with the quests that come with it also require you to kill certain mobs sometimes including guardians or even wolves/cats. This being said choosing it right from the bat would require you to psychically go out and kill them in the wild which is a very tedious thing to do and a very long winded thing. Normally I would suggest taking Hunter if you have either a massive natural spawning grinder that spawns all type of mobs or a zombie pigman grinder.

    Brewer is again what I said with digger, a middle of the pack job. Its something which unless you consistantly brewed potions every hour for a decent amount of time it would be a job which I would consider pointless. It would require you to go out your way every hour to hit your limit and the jobs can also be quite tedious, especially if you dont need that type of potion. An example of that could be the 1 job I kept getting was "brew 20 potions using Redstone/glowstone/sugar. Meaning if you dont need speed potions you're brewing 60 speed potions just to get the quest done. I feel like as much as brewer would be a nice job to have if you was brewing double chest fulls of potions for war however unless you was doing this with hour breaks in between, it isnt worth using 1 of your jobs up as this.

    Enchanter is last but certainly not least on the list of jobs there is. Enchanter is a strange job as it has the least amount of people on the server picking it (a merely 12 people have it as a job). Enchanter is a job which I feel like is actually slightly underrated. If you are enchanting all the time and are a warring nation, meaning you are enchanting armour/swords/bows all the time I would actually say this job could actually be kind of useful. You get a decent amount of money everytime you enchant an item and the quests that you get are very easy to complete, I would probably say the easiest out of all of the jobs to complete. The one quest I found kept appearing everyday was "Enchant 1 wooden sword, 1 Diamond sword and 1 power enchant". Which if you are enchanting huge amounts as a nation or town at War it is a very easy and simple way to just get that $1000-$2000 easy and get it done with.

    Overall the jobs plugin is a very effective and main source to income. I know alot of people believe that now with the cap every hour in place that it is not that good anymore and it is not worth doing it however for something which can take barely 5 minutes every hour to do, or even do while you're doing your day to day activities then I would say that the job you take would determine how much money you actually make a day. Even playing 4 hours a day would mean you can make around $5000 - $6000 from just doing the hour limits and quests every day which would pay for an entire nation upkeep and that is just 1 member doing it.

    I hope this helps alot of the new starters and anyone who didn't fully understand how the jobs plugin worked or the most effective way to do them. If you have any other questions or anything regarding the jobs please comment on this post or just message me in game/on discord.
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