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Official Report: Four Banned, Defiance Annexed by Administratum

Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by TheFlagCourier, Apr 14, 2020.

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  1. TheFlagCourier

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    Jun 4, 2016
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    Administratum Notice: Defiance
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    Approximately four months ago, several members of Defiance took advantage of a duplication glitch that resulted in the generation of an ungodly amount of diamonds, and possibly other less valuable items. These were used to fund the town, it’s members, and to fuel its engines of war.​

    Yesterday evening, members of staff tracked down and confiscated a large quantity of illegally produced diamonds that had been stored in various caches - thanks to both in part the community, some investigative work, and new additions to CivCore.

    As a result of this investigation, and to prevent further abuse of the already spent diamonds, the following were removed from the server.
    • The aforementioned diamonds from several cache sites
    • All chests, and their contents within the town of Defiance, and it’s outposts.
    • Hopper and furnace inventories within Defiance
    • Both the primary and secondary gold grinders were disabled.

    Additionally, the following players have been banned from the server for aiding and abetting the abuse of the exploit, obstruction, and making verifiable false statements during and leading up to the investigation’s conclusion. We are concerned to know that two former staff members participated during their tenure. At this time, we have kept the doors open for appeals, but reserve the right to remove this privilege.

    All members of Defiance were removed, and directorship assumed by Administratum. The central town will remain under Administratum’s umbrella while we decide what to do with it. At this time, the best suggestion has been to convert it into a museum, or into a default neutral town for new players.

    We will be holding an event to decide the ownership of Defiance’s secondary (outpost) gold grinder. Details for which will be decided later.
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