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Wiki and NEW Civwars Trilogies

Discussion in 'Advertisements' started by Pelleaon, Apr 13, 2020.


How interested are you in Civwars "Literature"?

  1. Very interested, can't wait to read it all!

  2. Sounds cool, I'll read some of what's written

  3. I'm indifferent, maybe I'll read one thing

  4. Not really my thing, not much of a reader

  5. No, i cant raed

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  1. Pelleaon

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    Ate a whole spoon of ketchup

    Jun 10, 2016
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    Hello all,

    Two things I'd like to bring to your attention if you find yourself bored or otherwise sitting there waiting for mobs to spawn in your grinder:


    I'm revitalizing the Civwars Wiki with some help from other people to try and keep it up to date. With so many new players coming online thanks to a certain virus, it's as if a new era is really being made right now. If you're interested in general history of EVERYTHING, take a look at the brief history scope here. Want to see famous swords wielded by players like yourself, try here. If you want to see current trending nations, look here. If you want to learn about the current ongoing war, look here.

    Civwars Trilogy

    OG players may remember my old book series of trilogy books, which coincidentally has been documented faithfully here. For new players interested, this is a series of ingame books telling a fictional story within the Civwars server with characters being people who actually play- including yourself! Each book consists of 3 parts (1 ingame book per part) for 3 books (so in total, 9 ingame books). You can ask me to be included and I'll fit you in, or you can purchase and be pleasantly surprised as to what happens.

    It reads much like any fantasy series you might pick up, with of course the twists you'd find on Civwars and Minecraft itself. You can ask our developer Dreadmore about purchasing a copy, as he is the distributor of my books. Book 1 is already out in full force, with Part 1 of Book 2 coming shortly. Stay tuned!

    Answer the questions in my poll if any of this sounds interesting to you! Or leave any questions to be answered by me or someone else. Cheers.
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  2. Sinyphus

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    Jun 17, 2019
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    I like this a lot. Please do write more
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  3. morganizach

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    Staff Member Forum Administrator

    Jul 4, 2016
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    I dont read books, but I do collect them.
  4. IHazCow

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    Staff Member Owner of Civilization Wars

    Aug 10, 2018
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    Middle of the night forum editing?

    Sounds like a job for Pell.
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